Only one Vax check location?
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Posted by aldctjoc

Yow. Just did another ICC walkthrough. Vax line wraps all around all 4 hallways of the 2nd floor. It looks like it's moving pretty well, but that's a long way to move. 

And the will call line downstairs is pretty long too. I only looked down the Wabash concourse, I didn't go to see if it went outside. 


Posted by gryfalia

Wow, arrived around 2PM and did both the Vax line and WillCall in about 8 minutes total.  Rough for those showing up later.

Posted by aldctjoc

Yeah, I know. I feel bad for people in line now. I got there a bit after 10am and spent more time doing the vax check itself than standing in line for it. 

I also feel bad for the people doing the checks. All they see is a never ending line coming in through that door. 

Posted by cmegus

I would surmise that because the hotel check-ins begin around 3pm, that’s when a huge number of people and families showed up and began overwhelming the line. The one and only line. Before 3pm, it probably looked good. After 3, and especially after 5, the line grew what looked like 3 times faster than the rate of checks, so even though we barely stopped moving in line, it still took a lot of time and walking just to get INTO the line.

In retrospect, I agree - it would have been better to have 4 or 5 stations doing this. At least the long walk and confusions would have been avoided.

Today (Thursday) could be interesting… I’m guessing the line might be really short because everyone already has their bands BUT I feel bad for anyone who somehow had the band removed and have to go back to that line.

So. I am going to recommend no “aggressive” showers for the next few days :)

And finally, and the Con hasn’t even officially started, but this Vaxx check line is already winning the “ugly” award in the upcoming “the good, the bad and the ugly” forum post after the Con…


Posted by rhapsodic_college_dropout

My partner and I entered the line yesterday around 3:30pm and we were able to get checked in less than 10 minutes and then will call also took less than 10 minutes.

However, when I noticed that there were more volunteers/attendants for the will call area than the vax check area, I knew there would be trouble. Every single person has to go to and thru that vax line, but not every single person uses will call since there's a mail option. 

My condolences to all who had to struggle with the line. I know it must have be a chaotic ordeal.

Posted by chilepepper

9:14am, vax check room line 90% empty. 5 minutes. 

Posted by aldctjoc

About 30 minutes ago, someone in Discord said the vax line was running fast this morning. That’s good news.

That said, there will be an influx of new people today… hopefully it’ll spread out over time and keep the lines reasonable.

Posted by mikeboozer

It is running fast...apologies for yesterday.



Posted by dalthius

Was rough yesterday but not insurmountable. Took an hour and a half for me. If this is a future requirement (sincerely hope not), then I’m sure there are some
valuable lessons learned. Have a good Con everyone! Be kind!

Posted by jwibbenmeyer

I only got a Friday pass and my first event is at 8am in the JW ballroom.

Do I need to go through the Vax line first, or can I go afterward since I won't be able to go to the ICC until my event ends?

I only ask because I have concerns that my wife and my spots might be forfeit if we are made late.

Posted by mikeboozer

Need Vacc Wrist Band before attending events.

Posted by jwibbenmeyer

Thanks for the quick reply Mike. 

Posted by ladye mikeboozer

mikeboozer wrote:
lanigironu wrote:
So the average attendee showing up Thursday only has 1 place to go. Attendees arriving Wednesday have 2 options. 
Kind of sounds like GenCon lied a little to us about the vaccination stations. I really hope the upstairs one isn't an endless line Thursday.

They did not lie to you they changed the plan. These things happen.As Marian has pointed out this has worked just fine for other conventions.
As a post convention note, I looked up the conventions Marian mentioned. PaxU had 30,000 attendees and Origins had 20,000 to GenCon's 50,000. Y'all made a huge miscalculation.

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