Housing for 2017 - 50th Anniversary
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Posted by glory

I figure that maybe this thread can get moved when they do the 2017 forums, but I've seen on Facebook that both the Westin and the Hyatt are already taking reservations for next year.

I was able to cash in a WHOLE LOT of credit card points for a room at the Westin from Tuesday - Sunday of the 2017 con. My husband is ecstatic and I don't have to play the housing lottery this year.

Just in case anyone else is looking to do this, you might want to check it out. 

Anyone else already booked for next year? 

Posted by galahadkoa

I looked on both. Westin says you cant book on those dates and the Hyatt only shows the $500+ rooms during those dates

Posted by glory

Try looking through the Starwoods. 


Posted by aldctjoc glory

glory wrote:
Try looking through the Starwoods Peferred Guest portal. 

That did not work for me. Message returned was:

Now, I have heard some people say they've booked rooms out of block during the Con periods before. I'm just at a loss as to how they did it, since I've never been able to do so. I don't know what I'm doing differently. :(

Posted by glory

 I'm sorry, though! I was hoping I could help some people out!

Posted by aldctjoc

Oh! When I tried a day outside the block dates, yeah, it finally let me. Ok... I didn't know that before.

Well, since I don't have sufficient points to put to a room, I'm still going to go through the lottery. That, and the cost differential between in-block and regular prices makes it worth it for me. But at least I know I can change dates like that to get the system to cough up some rooms.

Posted by soulcatcher78

No scramble for the Westin!  I locked mine down Sunday morning but sadly not enough points but I get 12 months to pay it off :)

What's funny is that I got 5 nights (16th through 21st) at the Westin for what I would have paid for 4 nights at the Hyatt.  Strangely the system wouldn't let me check out on Sunday so I'll have to find something to occupy myself with on Sunday night next year.

Posted by drizzdroid

It looks like my crew is going to take advantage of a timeshare situation in downtown Indy for the 50th!  Anyone know if the Alexander hotel is any good?

Posted by aldctjoc

I've got a friend who loves the Alexander, but he's not talked about the rooms, only the close proximity to the ICC (I didn't think it was that close, but I stayed in the Westin) and the bar there. But he uses it every year. 

Posted by holien

I stayed at the Alexander this year. Nice hotel and very artsy the room was nice and I used the fridge to store my breakfast to save on costs and allow me breakfast in bed.

Around a 10 minute walk to expo centre (end near the stadium) so OK if not raining and you like walking. I had some concerns with poor lighting under the nearby rail bridges so would not recommend solo women walking back late at night. 

If you can't get closer then OK. Bar was nice with some great beer choices but a tad expensive.

Posted by drizzdroid

Thank you for the info.  I'm not afraid of a little walk.  if you add up as much walking as we do in the exhibit hall, it's probably 10 times a small walk to the ICC.

Anyone else have anything to say about the Alexander?

Posted by helenbb

I was able to book a room at Le Meridien. On their website, they only have a prepaid rate, but on Orbitz I was able to book a cancelable rate.

Posted by jimmythesaint

As of right now on HHonors, Embassy Suites downtown has availability at prices lower than the in-block rates. I snagged 5 nights in a 2 double bed corner suite for $931 after taxes.

Posted by bigfathairyguy

I booked the embassy for $139 a night Wednesday to Sunday. Saving me some money over this past year. 

Posted by monkeyknifefight

You guys are awesome. Thanks for the heads up. I booked a room for 4 cheaper than the block rate.

Posted by ginamarie72

I just snagged one too, thanks for letting us know!

Posted by timhogue

Hell Yes! I just booked two rooms at Embassy Suites downtown as well! Great find!

Posted by ranior

Thanks so much for this thread! Was my first con this year, and learned the value of those downtown rooms--we were about 30 minutes out and had to drive in each morning. I'm super excited to be in a nearby hotel this year and for barely more than I paid for the distant hotel. Got an Embassy room for Wednesday-Sunday for 134/night. Super excited to have a room at a nice rate without having to try to get one through the housing lottery like I thought I would.

Once again, thanks for posting this type of find here! Certainly made my day and will make my next gencon that much better!

Posted by dukejohn

Yes, thank you! Just booked our room. Still can't believe this is the real deal...

Posted by divachelle

Got our Embassy room! Yay!

Now I can stop freaking out about our hotel and just enjoy.

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