Housing for 2017 - 50th Anniversary
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Posted by ellis1138

I went to get the room, and some showed, but when I tried to reserve one, it wouldn't let me, then said they were sold out. x.x
Just my luck.

Posted by lordbobo

Sold out now

Posted by chemrebel

Sad.  They have all the Hilton group blocked out now.  Conrad is still listing but at $406 per night.

Posted by turner

Look on Booking.com.
I was unable to get Embassy Suites through their own site, but booked one on Booking.com.
I called the hotel to confirm that I actually had a reservation, and she said they have their own block of rooms, and that I did have one.

Posted by brpierce

Embassy Suites is showing no available days for those dates.  Too slow, I guess.   Then again, it's showing no available rooms for any date that month--how did people go about booking their room?

Posted by toxic_rat drizzdroid

drizzdroid wrote:
Thank you for the info.  I'm not afraid of a little walk.  if you add up as much walking as we do in the exhibit hall, it's probably 10 times a small walk to the ICC.
Anyone else have anything to say about the Alexander?

The Alexander was OK.  The walk wasn't far, except when you figure you've been walking all day, then it was a pain.  Too close to want to pay for a cab (although we did) and too far to want to walk.   The lighting along the way was also a concern for us.

Posted by divachelle brpierce

brpierce wrote:
Embassy Suites is showing no available days for those dates.  Too slow, I guess.   Then again, it's showing no available rooms for any date that month--how did people go about booking their room?
I booked mine through the HHonors app.

Posted by pezkat

Booking.com is showing many hotels that have "Just Booked" (& at least one "now booking") that also say "We have reserved our last room at this hotel."  Nothing available within a mile.  HiltonHonors also shows sold out.

Posted by technoir

How are you guys getting embassy suites? Its showing me nothing 

Posted by squirecam

You have to log on to the hilton website and be a hilton honors member. Check in every couple of weeks.

I was actually on the site earlier and did not know about the Embassy Suites thing. I was able to use my Hilton Honors Points to book at the Conrad though.

The downtown hilton hotels seem to keep a few rooms for HH members. Its the ONLY way I was able to get downtown rooms the past 2 years, as my lotto times were 2.5 hours or more.

There WILL be rooms available for HH points after the block sells out, so if you missed it this time you will get another chance if you keep checking in with the site. It took until June last year but I got one.

Posted by britbrit

I can't believe I got a room at the Embassy. This must be a dream right?

Posted by bith

We got our Embassy by booking directly through their website this morning.  As did at least one of our friends.  My wife's theory, and it makes sense, is that due to the date shift the Embassy didn't have the dates blacked out when they initially opened up for reservations.  Once the mistake was caught on they took down all remaining rooms, which is why it is currently "sold out".

We have called and confirmed our reservation, but we aren't giving up our La Quinta backup until closer to the con when we can make doubly sure they didn't overbook and boot us.

Posted by technoir

It seems crazy that they wouldn't know the dates of next years Gen Con

Posted by nikki

I did this last year.  Gen Con doesn't get every room so all the hotels do have some that are not reserved by the block.  Once the individual hotel system allows for the booking -- as someone noted, other hotels were able to be booked weeks ago -- then there are a number of rooms available to reserve that have nothing to do with the Gen Con block. 


Posted by grizzly73

I can't believe I got a king suite at Embassy Suites! This will be my ninth Gen Con and the first to be able to stay downtown. I know others expect to stay downtown (and can get beligerent if the room lottery doesn't go their way), for me this is an extra treat-hamster tubes-Woohoo!

Posted by ellis1138

I'm not sure how people got these rooms. I also went through the Embassy website, through HHonors, but there weren't any available. What time of day did people snag these?

Posted by jimmythesaint

I grabbed mine around 6am this morning. 

Posted by thag13

I got a La Quinta room again.  Its at a rate higher than this year, but not much.   Im hoping I can talk the clerk into the con rate when I get there next year.  My rate is 134 first night, and 185 for the last three.  

Its a bit of a walk, but not too bad, and frankly I train for it all year.  and cab rides are only 6ish dollars.  

Posted by lordchase

Yeah I dont see any embassy suites rooms either

Posted by soulcatcher78

Westin is still showing availability for cash or points for 5 day stretches (Tuesday through Sunday or Wednesday through Monday).  If your an SPG member it's 8,000 points or $383 a night.

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