First Encounter Designer Showcase

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for the First Encounter Designer Showcase will close July 13th, or sooner if no further space is available; please get your applications in as soon as possible. Further, all final payments for FEDS plans are due July 16th. Please plan to pay by that time, or your application will be rejected. Thank you.

Taking place over several nights of the convention, this event is a chance for aspiring game designers to get their game designs in front of game companies and publishers. Each designer will have their own table for the duration of the event, at which they can showcase their game in development to potential buyers. Every designer is guaranteed to be visited by game company decision makers. This will be a valuable opportunity to get feedback on your game design, and maybe even sign a deal!

Game designers will pay $50 for a two hour slot, during which they will show off their game design. Game companies and publishers may participate for free.

The First Encounter Designer Showcase is managed by Double Exposure, Inc., the team that runs the First Exposure Playtest Hall.

If you are a designer and want to participate, please fill out this form. You’ll then be offered a time and night that is optimal for the style of game you are presenting, based on availability.

If you are a game company or publisher who would like to participate, please contact our coordinators at Double Exposure directly, at [email protected].