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Trade Day is a program for educators, professors, graduate students, librarians, mental health professionals, developmental therapists, and retailers. It is designed to provide hands-on training, share research, B2B and network opportunities, and participate in professional development opportunities through a day of seminars, demonstrations, and events.

Trade Day is split between several focuses, retailers, educators and librarians, and mental health professionals. The retailer focus is on business, marketing, and building community. The educators and librarian focus is on how to gamify your classroom/library, gaming strategies in curriculum, and building community. Mental health professionals, on how games can be used as therapeutic tools.

Anyone with a Trade Day badge can attend all events regardless of the focus; something can always be gleaned from a different perspective.

Trade Day is hosted on the Wednesday prior to Gen Con Indy, held in Indianapolis, IN.

Trade Day 2024

Trade Day will be hosted on Wednesday, July 31, 2024.

Below is some key information to get you started for Trade Day 2024:

  • January 7 - Event Submission opens
  • February 11 - Badge Registration opens
  • February 25 - Attendee Housing opens
  • May 19 – Event Registration begins
  • Wednesday, July 31 - Trade Day 2024
Trade Day

Trade Day Events

Event topics vary from year to year but all are geared towards training, networking, and professional development for educators, librarians, and retailers. The event catalog will be available in early May, we will periodically update this page with information and of course include information in the Trade Day newsletter. As we wait for May, here is the list of 2023 Trade Day events that were hosted to give you a sense what you can expect from this program.

Things to know:

  • All Trade Day events are free and are electronically ticketed. You must have a current Trade Day badge in order to attend any Trade Day event.
  • Search using the “TRD” event type for a list of all Trade Day events when Event Registration opens in May.
  • We highly encourage attendees to register for specific events through the Gen Con event registration system. Registering for Trade Day events helps the organizer and hosts plan for the event appropriately. A ticket ensures you will have a seat!

    Event Highlights

    Gen Con is thrilled to announce this year's Keynote Speaker Kathleen Mercury, M.A.T., M.E.T.. Kathleen will be hosting ...

      Keynote: Let's All Play Together: What Educators, Librarians, & Retailers Can Learn from Each Other

      Impactful game-related programming is a universal goal for educators, librarians, & retailers. The needs, audience, & what works is different for each; let's see how we can put them all together.

        Event Details:

      • Wednesday at 9am / JW hotel: White River Ballroom E
      • No registration is needed but a Trade Day 2024 badge is required

      About Kathleen Mercury, M.A.T., M.E.T.:

      An award-winning teacher and designer Ms. Mercury has been pushing the boundaries of using design thinking to merge game design and instruction from elementary to collegiate levels for over 20 years. She has taught everything from the core subjects to Design and Gifted Intervention in schools from the midwest to California to overseas in Bucharest, Romania. Currently, she is a Lecturer in the School of Education at California Polytechnic Humboldt teaching methods courses and supervising student teachers.

      Kathleen is a published tabletop game designer with Greece Lightning (2021) and upcoming titles Tulip Season and Valkyrie.

      Kathleen thinks happiness comes from being able to create the life you want, and she feels very fortunate that she's been able to do that.

      Trade Day

    The Demo Night & Social Mixer event (TRD24ND244188) will be held on Wednesday evening and is a great way to bring Trade Day to a close. This popular event is where games are demoed by some of our favorite Trade Day presenters, exhibitors, and game publisher/manufactures exhibiting at Gen Con Indy. It's an opportunity to socialize with your fellow Trade Day attendees! You can register for this event in May; it is only available to those with a current Trade Day badge.

Trade Day Badge Registration

Trade Day is only open to professors, graduate students, educators, student teachers, librarians, distributors, and hobby retailers.

Trade Day Badge Price for 2024: $243

Trade Day badge registration includes:

  • Access to all Trade Day event programming
  • A complimentary 4-day Gen Con Indy 2024 badge

The Trade Day application is part of the Trade Day badge purchase process. You will be asked several quick questions which are needed when vetting for acceptance into the program.

Educators & Librarians

Trade Day offers certificates of attendance to use towards your CEUs/LEUs. This is due to the different requirements within districts and associations. Information on how to request your certificate will be onsite at Trade Day.

Trade Day Marketplace

Trade Day attendees will have first opportunity at some of the exciting products that can help in the classroom, library, and retailer stores at the Trade Day Marketplace. You will also be able to meet 1-on-1 to ask questions and get your order(s) lined up.

A list of Marketplace exhibitors will be available in late spring and we'll announce them via the Trade Day newsletter too. Watch this space for updates!

Trade Day Marketplace is only accessible to attendees with a current Trade Day badge.

Trade Day Presenters / Event Hosts

For all information related to hosting events for Gen Con's Trade Day program, go to our Trade Day Host webpage. There is no cost to you for hosting an event for Trade Day and/or Gen Con Indy.

Event Submission opens, January 7, 2024.

Trade Day Marketplace

A great success in 2023, we are thrilled to continue the Marketplace in 2024 bringing more B2B opportunities to the Trade Day experience with more offerings from some new and favorite game publishers, manufacturers, and distributors with products that work in classrooms, libraries, and retail stores.

Trade Day Marketplace is only accessible to attendees with a current Trade Day badge.

Interested in Exhibiting at the Marketplace?

If you are a game publisher, manufacturer, and/or distributor and interested in learning more about the Trade Day Marketplace, check out our webpage for more information.

Trade Day Sponsorships for 2024

Trade Day offers a range of sponsorship opportunities to promote your company to a targeted audience of retailers, educators, and librarians. You don’t need to be a Gen Con Indy exhibitor or have purchased other marketing to take advantage of these offerings. Bundle both Trade Day and Gen Con Indy sponsorships to create unique marketing opportunities designed especially for you and your company.

Here are all the available Trade Day sponsorships for 2024. For more information and/or questions about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Megan Culver.

Trade Day Focused Newsletter

To stay up-to-date with all things Trade Day related with our exclusive Trade Day email newsletter!

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