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Trade Day

Trade Day is a program for educators, professors, graduate students, librarians, and retailers. It is designed to provide hands-on training, share research, B2B and network opportunities, and participate in professional development opportunities through a day of seminars, demonstrations, and events.

Trade Day is split between two focuses, retailers, and educators and librarians. The retailer focus is on business, marketing, and building community. The educators and librarian focus is on how to gamify your classroom/library, gaming strategies in curriculum, and building community.

Anyone with a Trade Day badge can attend all events regardless of the focus; something can always be gleaned from a different perspective.

Trade Day is hosted on the Wednesday prior to Gen Con Indy, held in Indianapolis, IN.

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Trade Day 2023

Trade Day programing will be hosted on Wednesday, August 2.

    Wednesday Schedule Overview:

    • 8 am - Trade Day HQ opens / Onsite Trade Day Badge Pick-Up
    • 9 am - 9:30 pm - Events
    • 9:30 am - 5 pm - Trade Day Marketplace

    TRADE DAY EVENTS - Updated Info (5/15)

    Trade Day 2023 has over 70 events to offer attendees of this program. Event Registration opens on Sunday, May 21 at 12pm (eastern). View all the Trade Day events being offered for this year and on Sunday, be sure to register for your favorites.

    Two key events we want to make you aware of …

      Keynote – Playful Learning: Working Collaboratively With Educators, Librarians, And Retailers - presented by Jamie Mathy

        Jamie Mathy of Red Raccoon Games discusses how his store works with both public libraries and schools in promoting Playful Learning. Learn how expectations can be set and met for all involved and how you can incorporate this into your own unique situation. Playful Learning is the use of cognitive abilities, language(s), and fine motor skills to engage in social interaction in primary education.

      Event Details: Wednesday at 9am / JW hotel: White River Ballroom E
      No registration is needed but a Trade Day badge is required.

      Event Sponsored by eBay

      About Jamie Mathy: Jamie Mathy is a lifelong geek, unsure if he got the D&D Red Box or Pong first. Jamie currently runs Red Raccoon Games, a 17 year old game store in Bloomington, IL. He has also been on Bloomington City Council, CTO of a computer services company, and a cook in the Army. Jamie lives with wife Kelly in a 117 old house, reads tons of books, and enjoys bad 90's action flicks.

      Demo Night & Social Mixer (TRD23ND222247)

        Culminate your Trade Day experience by joining us for a chance to demo games from some of your favorite Trade Day presenters and exhibitors and socialize with your fellow Trade Day attendees.

      Event Details: Wednesday from 7-9:30pm / JW hotel: Grand Ballroom 5 (on the 3rd floor). Cash bars will be provided.

      Be sure to register for TRD23ND222247 event; let us know you’re coming!

      Event Sponsored by Wizards of the Coast

    All Trade Day events are free and electronically ticketed. You must have a current Trade Day badge in order to attend any Trade Day event.


    Trade Day is only open to professors, graduate students, educators, student teachers, librarians, distributors, and hobby retailers.

    Trade Day Badge Price for 2023: $235

    Trade Day badge registration includes:

    • Access to all Trade Day event programming
    • A complimentary 4-day Gen Con Indy 2023 badge

    The Trade Day application is part of the Trade Day badge purchase process. You will be asked several quick questions which are needed when vetting for acceptance into the program.

    Buy your Trade Day badge now! Sign in to required.

    Trade Day badge sales will close Sunday, July 9, at 11:59 pm (eastern).

    Trade Day Marketplace

    An exciting new initiative created to bring more B2B opportunities to the Trade Day program experience.

    Trade Day attendees will have first opportunity at some of the exciting products that can help in the classroom, library, and retailer stores. You will also be able to meet 1-on-1 to ask questions and get your order(s) lined up.

    2023 Trade Day Marketplace Exhibitors Are:

    • Alley Cat Games
    • Games Workshop
    • PSi
    • Central Michigan University Press
    • Ho-dee-ay
    • Race To Stupid Games
    • Columbia Games
    • Lucky Duck Games
    • Rowan, Rook and Decard
    • FanRoll by Metallic Dice Games
    • Magpie Games
    • Smart Toys and Games
    • Featherstone Games
    • Pandasaurus Games
    • StickTogether Products

    Trade Day Marketplace is only open to those with a current Trade Day badge.

    Interested in Exhibiting at the Marketplace?

    If you are a game publisher, manufacturer, and/or distributor and interested in learning more about the Trade Day Marketplace, check out our webpage for more information.

    Trade Day Focused Newsletter

    To stay up-to-date with all things Trade Day related, we now have an exclusive Trade Day email newsletter! Be in the know on the latest updates and information for this program, sign up for this targeted Trade Day only newsletter.

    And should you want to be up-to-date all the happenings at Gen Con, you can also sign up for that email newsletter too.

    Trade Day Sponsorships for 2023

    Trade Day offers a range of sponsorship opportunities to promote your company to a targeted audience of retailers, educators, and librarians. You don’t need to be a Gen Con Indy, exhibitor or have purchased marketing to take advantage of these offerings. Bundle with both Trade Day and Gen Con Indy sponsorships to create unique marketing opportunities designed especially for you and your company.

    Here are all the available Trade Day sponsorships for 2023. For more information and/or questions about these opportunities, please contact Megan Culver.

    Trade Day Presenters / Event Hosts

    Check the Trade Day Host webpage for information related to hosting events for Gen Con's Trade Day program. There is no cost to you to host an event for Gen Con. We will no longer accept event submissions for Trade Day 2023 after June 7.


    More information can be found here using the yellow help bubble at the bottom of each of our website pages. Or email us at [email protected].