Exhibitor Information

The Exhibit Hall at Gen Con Indy features many companies showcasing and selling their industry products. From major companies to aspiring individuals, you will find publishers, manufacturers, game accessory companies, artists, authors, lifestyle/clothing companies, cosplay, software developers, and much more! With hundreds of vendors serving tens of thousands of attendees over four days, the Exhibit Hall is a main attraction of Gen Con with an energy of its own!

Exhibit Hall Hours

Thursday-Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm Eastern

Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm Eastern

Exhibitor List

Check out our list of the exhibitors who joined us in 2021 for Gen Con Indy!

Over 320 exhibitors (more than 90 of them exhibiting for the first time), 31 artists, and 25 authors set up booths for Gen Con Indy this past September 16-19 in the Indiana Convention Center!

Becoming an Exhibitor

Space in the Exhibit Hall is in high demand for Gen Con Indy 2022! With the return of many exhibitors who were unable to attend in 2021, we anticipate a full Exhibit Hall.

We are currently accepting Gen Con Indy 2022 exhibitor applications for a limited amount of space. Completed applications should be sent to [email protected].

Please complete your application with as much detail as possible. The information on your application will be used during our evaluation and will be key in the decision-making process.

Complete and sign both of the following required documents before emailing them to [email protected]:

Applications will be reviewed over the next several weeks and we will notify you of our decision after our review.

Sponsorship & Marketing

Gen Con has a wide range of marketing and sponsorship options available, and you do not need to be an exhibitor to take advantage of these opportunities. Please browse the Gen Con 2022 Sponsorship & Marketing Booklet to review our many product options. If you have questions or would like to book any marketing or sponsorships, please contact [email protected].

Exhibit Hall Map

Explore the interactive 2021 Exhibit Hall map to find your favorite company and discover others! (Exhibitors added late in the process may not appear on the map. Please contact [email protected] with any exhibitor questions.)

Contact Info

If you have questions, please contact [email protected] or call:

LeMar Mattox, Exhibit Hall Manager

(206) 957-3976 x3812

Megan Culver, Senior Director, Sponsorship & Sales

(206) 909-3383

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