Gen Con Online FAQ

What is Gen Con Online?

Gen Con Online is a new online convention experience featuring four days of streaming shows, remote gaming, community on Discord, your favorite exhibitors, artists, and authors, and lots more — all from the safety of your devices and in the comfort of your favorite quarantine sweatpants!

Gen Con Online will take place July 30 – August 2, 2020. Event programming will be scheduled on Eastern time, and some event organizers will be offering events at all hours of the day and in multiple languages to include international attendees!

How do I sign up?

To register for a free Gen Con Online badge, create an account or sign in to your existing account on our website, accept the Terms of Service, then click the Get A Badge button on the left-hand side of the page. Once there, one more click is all it takes to add a Full Access badge to your account for Gen Con Online!

Note: there won't be a physical badge, but if you really want one, commemorative badges are available from OffWorld Designs!

Do I need a badge to participate?

While some aspects of the convention will be accessible without registering, such as livestreaming content on Twitch, a free Gen Con Online badge is required to participate in any ticketed events. We recommend that anyone (13 and older) who plans on attending register for a free badge to get the most out of the Gen Con Online experience.

Can I register a badge for someone else through my account?

Unlike at our in-person conventions, you cannot register a badge for someone else. Each attendee will need to have their own account to register for Gen Con Online.

Can my child attend Gen Con Online events?

Unfortunately, in most cases the answer is no for children under 13, but teens aged 13-17 can register with parental consent.

In order to remain compliant with COPPA restrictions on the collection of data from children under 13, we are not permitting under-13 registrations for Gen Con Online. This means children under 13 cannot register for Gen Con Online badges or ticketed events.

If you as a parent or guardian are registered for an event, your under-13 child may observe or participate at the discretion of your GM or event organizer.

Can I purchase event tickets for someone else through my account?

Yes! When you purchase an event ticket, you can select someone from your Friends & Family list to purchase it for. All tickets for Gen Con Online are electronic, and will be added to the recipient’s account.

Can I transfer an event ticket I've purchased to another attendee?

New: Yes! Transfer a ticket on the event details page for the event. Click the "Transfer Ticket" button under the "Add selected tickets to cart" button you used to buy the ticket. You can then select anyone you have added on your Family & Friends list to transfer the ticket to. They must have a badge and a corresponding opening in their schedule to receive the transferred ticket. Tickets can only be transferred until 30 minutes prior to the event's start time.

Can I get a refund for an event ticket I’ve purchased?

You can refund your own electronic ticket(s) from your My Transactions page for system credit, or we can process one for you by email, up to 30 minutes prior to the start of your event. System credit is non-refundable, non-transferable, and does not expire.

Requests for Gen Con Online ticket refunds must be sent to [email protected] no later than Monday, August 3, at 12 pm Eastern; requests received after that time will not be processed.

Where can I find my event schedule?

On a desktop computer, navigate to your event schedule by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner of the screen while logged in to your account .

While logged in to your account on a mobile device, tap to open the menu in the upper-right corner of the screen, click your name in the menu, then select My Schedule.

How can I get in touch with the GM or event organizer for an event I'm registered for?

Once you've registered for an event by purchasing a ticket, you can communicate with the person running the event by using our new Event Messaging tool in the event details page for that event. This is also how your event organizer will share platform logins, direct links, and/or any other information needed to get your event started.

More information can be found in the Events Tome of Knowledge.

What if I experience technical issues that prevent me from participating in an event?

If you have technical issues and are not able to participate in a Gen Con Online event, or if your Gamemaster or event organizer does not show up, email [email protected] within 15 minutes of the start of the event to request a refund. Include Event ID, your Account ID, and a description of situation including any specific technical issues.

If the event does not run because of technical issues on the GM’s part, or because not enough people showed to run the event, email [email protected] with the Event ID and your Account ID, and the specifics of the issue to request a refund.

Requests for Gen Con Online ticket refunds must be sent to [email protected] no later than Monday, August 3, at 12 pm Eastern; requests received after that time will not be processed.

What do I do if I experience or observe harassment or other unwelcome behavior?

We want everyone involved in Gen Con Online to stay safe and have fun. Harassment will not be tolerated.

Everyone who participates agrees to abide by our published Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment policies, and if you observe or experience a violation of those policies, please let us know by emailing [email protected] so we can take the appropriate action. For more immediate assistance, get in contact with a moderator on the #help-desk channel on Discord.

What kinds of events will happen during Gen Con Online?

Thanks to the creativity and passion of our community, event organizers have really stepped up to the challenges of this new format, and a wide range of events have been planned!

We have thousands of events including all kinds of gaming using virtual tabletop platforms and video-conferencing services, seminars, workshops, the Costume Contest, the Film Festival, First Exposure Playtest Online, four days of livestreaming content across three channels, and more!

How do I sign up for events?

First, you’ll need to register for a free Gen Con Online badge through your account. Then, after the event catalog is released on July 6, you can start browsing events to select the ones you’d like to add to your schedule. Pay attention to the “Platform” section which has been added to event listings — that’s where you’ll find out which program you need to participate in the event (i.e. Zoom, Roll20, Tabletop Simulator, and other third-party platforms).

Once Event Registration opens on July 13, you can start registering for events. Note that all event tickets will be electronic tickets, which will be added to your account and collected by the push of a button at each event. Some events will be free, but a base price of $2 will apply to most ticketed events regardless of length, and some event organizers may set a higher price to cover the costs associated with producing events.

A portion of the base price of every ticket sold will be donated to I Need Diverse Games!

What technology do I need to participate in events?

It depends on the individual event, but a wide variety of third-party platforms will be used to run different types of events. Note that Gen Con is not providing access to external programs or platforms, but many are free to use. Check the “Platform” section of each event listing to see what system will be used. Once you’ve registered, your GM or event organizer will share the URL and other details using our new event messaging tool.

Will exhibitors, companies, publishers, artists, and authors be exhibiting as a part of Gen Con Online?

Yes! We have developed a new digital experience called The Looking Glass to showcase exhibitors, artists, authors, and other participating groups. Use this tool to discover and explore through hundreds of visual tiles prepared by participating groups and individuals. Click on a tile to engage with the featured entity: many will feature description, images, and links on their pop-up window. Many participants are also planning special events, livestreams, and promotions for Gen Con Online.

Through the Looking Glass, you’ll engage with exhibitors, publishers, vendors, artists, authors, and more — the ones you know, and those you’ve yet to discover!

What is The Looking Glass?

The Looking Glass is our re-imagining of a virtual exhibit hall for Gen Con Online: a unique, online visual discovery, where you'll explore exhibitors, event organizers, artists, authors, our charities partners, and a few other surprises too!

Our Gen Con Online partners have created windows into their corners of the universe, showcasing the many games, accessories, apparel, works of art, fiction, and events they're offering during Gen Con Online. Click through to their websites for more details.

Search top-level categories for exhibitors, artists, or authors, or use keywords to find your favorites. Browse visually to encounter new discoveries!

The Looking Glass launches on Thursday, July 30 at 12 pm (Eastern).

Will Gen Con feature new game releases for sale?

Absolutely! As always, tons of new games are coming out, and Gen Con is a great way to catch up on the new hotness and stock up your game shelves with new games.

New for Gen Con Online, we’re partnering with PSi to launch a digital store for new releases during Gen Con Online! The Gen Con Game Store will be your one-stop shop for hot new game releases.

Where can I buy official merchandise and licensed products?

All our official merchandise and apparel is available for purchase from OffWorld Designs, and more information about both official merchandise and licensed products can be found on our Merchandise page.

Will there be dice?

Of course there will be dice! Check out the Looking Glass to explore companies who sell dice, and our licensed product lookbook for official Gen Con licensed merchandise.