Entertainment Events At Gen Con

Below is information designed to give you an overview of how entertainment (ENT) acts/events work at Gen Con. This information is intended to inform you before submitting an event. Be sure to check the Event Host Policy (page 16) for additional information. Thank you for your interest in hosting events!

Entertainment Acts/Events

Gen Con does not hire entertainment acts/events for our show. As a whole Gen Con does not curate events being held during “the best four days in gaming!” Our model is more about providing space, audience, and opportunity for those who wish to host events.

For those wishing to perform at Gen Con, either as an individual or a group act, you will need to submit an event using our Online Event Submission form.

Please keep in mind that due to limited space for such events, limitations within the space (i.e. hotel ballrooms), and that our show is four days long, we are not always able to accommodate some requests and/or may need to shift your requested dates/times. Should there be multiple versions of the same event, it is likely that only one will be “activated” in order to allow for more variety/offering to our attendees. Flexibility is key when hosting an entertainment (ENT) event at Gen Con.

Because Gen Con does not hire entertainment acts we don’t provide compensation other than what is stated in our Event Host Policy (EHP) for anyone running events at the show. Be sure to review the “How to qualify ...” sections of this document for specific information.

If you haven’t yet reviewed the EHP it is highly recommend that you do so you know what to expect and what is expected of you for running events. Please check the Host link as well, there is great information for those new to hosting events at Gen Con as well as yearly updates!

Should your event require AV we do offer some packages in specific rooms. Information on this can be found in the submission form and/or the Event Host Policy. These packages are limited and we do not provide any additional resources. We do have some technicians in the room to assist but they are not there to run AV for you. You will need to provide your own technician.

If none of this information deters you, great and thank you. Please feel free to submit your event!

Roving Entertainers

Gen Con does have roving entertainment that is hired to busk the hallways during the convention. There are specific guidelines about who can and does work in this capacity. We have limited to no openings to be involved in this program year over year. Only approved entertainers are given this opportunity to busk. Anyone caught roving during the show without approval from Gen Con will be asked to stop and your badge may be forfeited.