Trade Day Information

Trade Day

Trade Day is a program for educators, professors, graduate students, librarians, and retailers. It is designed to provide hands-on training, share research, network, and participate in professional development opportunities through a day of seminars, demonstrations, and events.

Trade Day is split between two focuses, retailers, and educators and librarians. The retailer focus is on business, marketing, and building community. The educators and librarian focus is on how to gamify your classroom/library, gaming strategies in curriculum, and building community.

Anyone with a Trade Day badge can attend all events regardless of the focus; something can always be gleaned from a different perspective.

Trade Day(s) for 2021

This year we are breaking from our traditional Wednesday only Trade Day event offerings. Trade Day events will be hosted on two separate days:

  • Wednesday, September 15 - retailer specific content
  • Saturday, September 18 - educator and librarian content

Educators and librarians - We won’t be offering as much robust content this year due to the date shift. We plan to offer approx. ten (10) specific events just for you on Saturday.

Retailers - We will have some of the traditional types of content you have come to expect, plus a whole lot more!

Alliance Open House

We are partnering with Alliance Game Distributors who will be bringing their Open House event to Trade Day and expanding on the retailer focused events, by hosting events emphasizing sales opportunities, and upcoming product releases from major gaming publishers.

Alliance will be presenting informative publisher seminars connecting retailers with key vendor product presentations in advance of The Best Four Days in Gaming.

Trade Day Registration - Closes Friday, July 30

Trade Day Registration* costs $135 and includes:

  • Access to all Trade Day event programming
  • A complimentary 4-Day Gen Con 2021 badge

Trade Day badge sales close on Friday, July 30 at 11:50pm (eastern).

* Registrants are required to provide appropriate credentials as part of the Trade Day registration process.

Retailer registrations are limited to two (2) per store.

Trade Day Events / Topics

Event topics vary from year to year but all are geared towards training, networking, and professional development for educators, librarians, and retailers.

Alliance’s Open House events for retailers will be focused on product releases and sales opportunities.

To see what specific events are being offered this year, use the “Find Events” tool when it becomes available and search for events using “TRD” event type.

We highly encourage you to register for specific events through the Gen Con event registration system when Event Registration opens. Given the reduced room capacities for health and safety reasons, space will be limited. Your early Trade Day events registration will help the organizer and hosts plan for the event appropriately. A ticket ensures you will have a seat!

All Trade Day events are free (you must have a Trade Day badge) and will be electronically ticketed.


Trade Day is only open to Professors, graduate students, educators, student teachers, librarians, distributors, and hobby retailers.

You must have purchased a Trade Day badge, and completed the Trade Day application to be considered for the program. You will be required to submit credentials in order to be accepted to participate as well. Here is a list of acceptable credentials, only one form of proof needs to be provided:

    Educators & Librarians:
    1) Copy of Transcript (if currently a student)
    2) Copy of Pay Stub
    3) Copy of School ID Card
    4) Copy of Homeschool Materials Receipt

    1) Copy of Business License
    2) Copy of Business Card
    3) Copy of Pay Stub
    4) Copy of Workplace ID Card

You will need to email a photo/copy of your credential to [email protected]. Please use one of these file formats when submitting your credentials: jpg, pdf, or png.

Credentials must be submitted in advance of the show. The deadline for submitting has been extended to Friday, July 30, 2021.


Much more information can be found here using the yellow help bubble at the bottom of each of our website pages. Or email us at [email protected].