Trade Day Information

Trade Day

2020 marks year 14 for Trade Day programming!

Trade Day is held on Wednesday prior to Gen Con and is designed for educators, librarians, and retailers to get hands-on training and professional development opportunities through a day of seminars, demonstrations, networking events, and much more! In 2019, we had over 55 events.

Trade Day is only open to educators, student teachers, librarians, distributors, and hobby retailers. Badges will be available when Badge Registration opens. You will be required to submit proof of employment (examples include: most recent transcripts, a business license, business cards, copy of pay stub, or a workplace ID card) in order to be accepted to participate.

Trade Day Registration costs $200 and includes:

  • Access to all Trade Day event programming
  • A complimentary 4-Day Gen Con 2020 badge
  • Continuing Education Credits and Librarian Education Units available

Please note that members of the press are encouraged to attend Trade Day and report on their findings, however they will not have access to any potential giveaways, if offered.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].