Barcode Test Page


This page is a printable test to make sure your USB scanner can properly read Gen Con badge barcodes.

Barcode Scanner Installation

  • Most USB Barcode Scanners can install their drivers automatically upon being plugged into compatible devices.
  • If the scanner is not detected, try using another USB port or restarting the device.
  • Contact the manufacturer if there is still any issue with installing the scanner.

Print from Page

  • The barcodes scan best when printed on plain white letter paper.
  • We have already formatted this page to print out on a standard letter sized page.
  • Print out this page. (Control + P on Windows, Command + P on Mac)

Testing the Scanner

  1. Open a text editor. (Word, Text Editor, TextEdit, etc.)
  2. Make sure the cursor in located on a blank line in text editor.
  3. Scan in the barcodes on this page, one at a time.
  4. Verify the characters are all in the correct sequence and case while matching the same code as under the barcode.
  5. After each scan, the cursor should be at the end of the scanned code.
  6. Make sure no other characters appear other than the ones you scanned in. All codes should match as labeled.
  7. If this all matches, your scanner is working correctly.
Test Barcodes