Beta Event Finder

This year, in addition to Gen Con's traditional search interface and the downloadable Event Catalog, the Gen Con Events team has a great, alternative way to search for events. This new tool is intended to make event searching easier across all your devices, and is based upon Gen Con's popular mobile event search functionality.

Gen Con will continue to optimize the Beta Event Finder for small screen devices before the convention in July.

Gen Con's goal is to create a robust, yet simple tool that allows attendees to easily search through the thousands of Gen Con events. The Gen Con team would love your input. There is a special feedback forum here, where attendees can report bugs and provide feedback on the Event Finder.

Try the Beta Event Finder today!

Basic Search on the Beta Event Finder

The Beta Event Finder is designed for faster and more efficient access to events. When you first open the Event Finder page you will notice three basic filters for displaying events.

Category / Game: Displays events grouped by event category or type of game, e.g. Board Games, or Isle of Misfit Events

Day / Hour: Displays events based on days they occur, e.g. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday

Host: Displays events based on the host or company hosting, e.g. Atlas Games, Andy D

Event display sort order can be set by Title or Start Time by clicking on the respective column headings. Categories and events are displayed in groups based on first letter of title or hourly start time, depending on which sort order is selected.

Search Options

Clicking on the Search Options button displays more advanced filters for viewing events. Deselect any criteria which you would not like to be displayed and click "Apply Options," e.g. deselecting "Have Sold Out" will remove any sold-out events from your search results.

Keyword Search

In the Search for keywords field, you can enter keywords to search events and their descriptions. After typing your keyword, click "Enter" to display the events that match your search terms. You can combine keyword search results with the "Search Options" to filter the displayed results. Click "Search Options," uncheck the boxes for the criteria you wish to omit, and click "Apply Options." To remove the search term at any time, you can click on the search term bar with the X on the right side.