2024 Rebooking for Author Avenue
Posted by bloodplum

Hey, I can’t find the link to rebook for the author Avenue for 2024. Is that gonna be up before the 11th?

Posted by mikeboozer

Found here under Exhibitors tag:


Application live on February 11th.


Posted by bloodplum

You missed the point. I’m a returning author and it says the link for returning authors would be up on the 4th and it isn’t.

Posted by mikeboozer

I checked on that.

The post was a mistake and is being updated.

Qualifying people were sent a rebook email directly to people who qualify.
May want to check your spam filters. You can contact [email protected]

If you have questions here is the information from the page.

"If you are a returning exhibitor who has exhibited at Gen Con in the past five years, please contact [email protected] to see if you are eligible to apply for Gen Con 2024."


Posted by kochama

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