New Author's Avenue Participation
Posted by engurrand

New AuthorsNew authors will be able to apply from February 11 through February 24, 2024. The link to the application will be posted on this page at that time.

Hi! Aspiring new author's avenue exhibitor here. Few questions.

  1. The link to the application is not posted on that page, though it is that time.
  2. The rules and regulations from back in 2020 ( forbid booth sharing. Is that still true?
  3. Is there a rules and regulations doc for 2024, or is the 2020 one still valid?
  4. If I pay for an Author's Avenue booth, must I also buy an attendee badge?
  5. Can my badge list my pen name?

Posted by engurrand

The form is now live. Cheers! The rest of my questions remain, however.

Posted by lilycollins

You're right, the app link hasn't been posted yet even though it should have been available. 

Posted by engurrand

It’s here:


Posted by delaneykoepp

Thank you so much for the link.

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