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Posted by rutherfordr

It looks like Wyrmwood Gaming is trying to capture the high-end market that Geek Chic used to have.

The display models of their gaming tables are absolutely beautiful.

Posted by rhone1

They do a nice job and have seemingly nothing but quality for sale.  I really like the dice tray picked up from them (not the same as a gaming table)

Posted by wolnir

We bought a table from Studio 6d6 at Gen Con last year. We've had it since February.

It's one of the best purchases I've ever made.

Posted by leathermartini

Another alternative is GameToppers:

They don't do the full table, rather they provide the rails and game space, along with various mats that drop in place. It just sits on top of your regular table. I love ours and I can remove it when we need to eat on the table (and the kids won't stab silverware into it). I didn't get a change to see GenCon's exhibit hall much (running events all day), but at Origins they were at something like 25-30% of the exihibiter's booths.
I see the appeal of a full table, but as someone with kids, I love that I can remove mine if we need to and still have a huge table.

Posted by glory

We just picked up a table from Carolina Game Tables. A buddy of ours bought the Tablezilla and it's gorgeous so we bought the Dining Room Table from Carolina. 

Posted by genconkeeper

With IKEA being the largest furniture maker in the world and boardgaming being HUGW in Europe it only stands to reason that they make a gaming table so there has been a petition on to convince them to make one. I mean we all  just want a nice gaming table we can afford not something to pass down to the kids.


Posted by tyrodboshi


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