Open Gaming 2023?
Posted by bohde8781

Will there be open gaming tables at the JW Marriott Ballroom this year like in previous year?

And if so, is a badge required to enter that area in the evenings?

Posted by colbrook

I believe it is, and as a Gen Con space a badge would be required. 

Posted by williamshane

In my opinion, it is, and a badge is obviously necessary to enter the Gen Con area. geometry dash

Posted by tedmontgomery

Is there any case where you can still play JW Marriott Ballroom without needing a badge? I really want to play it but I'm still pretty weak so I don't have a badge yet.tunnel rush

Posted by bohde8781

Last year (and the few pre-COVID years I remember the JWM having open gaming space) they never had anyone checking badges in the ballroom.  That being said, it fills up quickly, so unless you get there early, its likely you won't be able to find a table to play.  My gaming group was only able to find 1 table on Thursday PM, and none the rest of the week so we couldn't get together at all to play anything after the demo floor closed...  GenCon really needs more open gaming space, even if its badged-only (though they probably won't do that, since they earn no money from open gaming areas...)

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