I'm going to talk a bit about the weather.
Posted by aldctjoc

Yeah, I know. Predicting hot, humid weather in August for Indiana is like predicting Wile E Coyote's going to fall into that canyon. It's basically fated to happen. 

But still, it's not bad to think ahead, even though we know things can and likely will change the closer we get.

It may rain Thursday and/or Friday. The current prediction is from 24% to 40% on Thursday depending on which source you use, 58% to 60% on Friday. I'm not going to call those days forecasts firm until Wed. and Thurs., but it still looks like rain is likely enough to call for packing an umbrella. 

And it should be humid as well. Sticky. We'll all definitely want to stick to the AC. 82 and 83 for the weekend isn't that bad for Indiana, but I think the humidity is predicted to be up there.

I'm packing a little extra for a change of clothes midway through some of those days. I'm guessing if I end up going outside I'll be pretty sweat-laden. It's also a good idea to be hydrated and careful about how we feel if we are outdoors for any period of time. 

This is early yet, so this forecast may change. I remember last year, I think, changing pretty significantly from completely raining to just an hour or so of it. So this isn't set in stone yet. But it's a useful indication for planning.

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Thanks for the reminder.  I will be packing this weekend so I'll keep possible showers in mind.

I'm usually good about hydration, but still good to put this out there.

I wonder how (if) it'll affect the Ork Stomp event.

Posted by a dark rider on a pale ... unicorn? mvotruba

mvotruba wrote:

I wonder how (if) it'll affect the Ork Stomp event.

Looks like the sun rises after the event starts, so hopefully the heat will be less of a problem.
Of course, that means it'll get hotter as the event goes on, which seems like an unkind extra impediment for the slower folks.

Posted by aldctjoc

Well, that'd be what, 6am? It can be from the low end of the 70s to just over 80 temperature-wise. Humidity under 20% at that time... but the thing is, temps and humidity rise like a rocket. By 10am I wouldn't be surprised to see things hit the 80's.

Humidity doesn't hit so hard until later in the afternoon in my experience, but I just simply can't predict how it'll be that Friday. The forecasts don't yet say when those rains will appear, presuming they do come.

Posted by aldctjoc

Oh crud... this isn't weather, but: What's the air quality going to be like? It's been clear lately, but the Canadian wildfires are still burning. 

Indiana state government's air quality page only predicts out to tomorrow. Currently it's listed as "Good", but declared an "Air Quality Action Day" anyway. Tomorrow is predicted to be "Moderate". It seems pretty obvious that there's no predicting how it'll be from Thursday on.

One more thing to think about.

Posted by hahnarama

Don't worry about the weather until you are here. Today's forecast did not call for a monsoon but that's exactly what we got here in Indy today.

Posted by gib_rebeg

Predicting this far out is pointless. Weather channels constantly change days before.

It's August. It will be hot, likely humid. If you have any outside walking to do, toss an umbrella or poncho into your luggage as there is always a chance of seeing rain.

Posted by helenbb

Or, resign yourself to taking the hamster tubes/tunnels almost everywhere.

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