GenCon 2023 hours
Posted by downpourdice

Can anyone tell me what the actual open hours are for the convention? What time do doors open to the main hall, what time do they close? I can't seem to find any specifics anywhere that aren't more than 3 years old.

Posted by quarex

Doors to the convention center do not close during the convention, which is why the information is out of date from back when they did close during the pandemic for cleaning. 

Posted by downpourdice

Let me rephrase. What time can we actually get into the main exhibition hall each day and when does it close. Is there an opening event on Thursday at a specific time? Last year I was only able to attend for the final two days and this year we will be in town Wednesday night so we dont want to miss out on anything. 

Posted by donaldbain

Posted by austicke

The exhibit hall is open 10am to 6pm each day. Sunday is 10am to 4pm.

Posted by dashenkashen

Hi there! To follow up, what is the earliest the game masters can come to the Lucas Oil stadium to set up the games for the playtests/playthroughs? 
can we come at 8am to set it all up?

Posted by goddesstio

Does anyone know what time the official merch shop in the Wabash hall opens in the morning?

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