Last one here TURN OUT the LIghts!
Posted by hahnarama

I'm heading downtown as we speak to officially kick off Gen Con 2023.


Posted by mvotruba

I always enjoy seeing this thread.

My group & I fly out tomorrow morning so I thought I'd check the forums one last time before I finish packing and get ready for an early rise.  In 24 hours from posting this, I expect to be in Indy with a beer in hand.

I wish all fellow gamers safe travels and a wonderful time at Gen Con 2023.


Posted by helenbb

On my flight ready to depart right now!

Posted by helenbb

And…. I might be here longer. There is some delay on boarding our flight and Southwest isn’t talking. We don’t know if we will be delayed or canceled.

Posted by helenbb

Good news, we are in the air!

Posted by unsoundergnome

Embarking on the journey now.  Safe travels to everyone!

Posted by nellyaurora hahnarama

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Posted by donnarunyon

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