Anyone else disgusted with the way people acted about Lorcana?
Posted by xanathon

I’ve been attending Gen Con for 23 years and I have never seen people act for any game as they did for Lorcana and their behavior disgusts me. 

The lengths they went to just to sell these cards, including trampling over other people makes me hope the game fails and crashes very quickly after the release of the game and the money people have spent on this game is wasted. 

if this is what Gen Connis going to be in the future then it’s not an event I will want to attend again. 


Posted by hahnarama

Hell there was a card dealer there paying people to stand in line. He was letting them use is cc to make the purchases. 

Posted by lore seeker

Wait, what happened?

Posted by nate_lockhart lore seeker

lore seeker wrote:
Wait, what happened?
Yeah, I'm also confused. Granted, I didn't pay attention Thursday because I had my own stuff going on, but it was an orderly line every time I walked past it over the weekend, including the lineup before the hall opened.

Posted by hahnarama

Thurs AM it was a S*** show. Case in point. They had an impenetrable blockage in front of their booth. There was a Ravens "booger" guy trying to everyone that it was a one way street. I turned about to take a detour, but not before some very big muscle dude told them to "F off" and plowed on through

and and good friend of mine was there as the Fire Marshall was there to say they were over crowded, unfortunately for a volunteer, and not an employee, told the fire marshall that he could not tell them what to do LMAO

It was consumerism at it's worse and frankly made me a little sad. 

Posted by dpuck1998

All that said, I got in line at 1015am on Sunday and had product by Noon'ish.  There will be plenty of product available soon and the prices will drop and all but be gone of ebay. Sure there will be some chase cards, but that is true for any card game.

Posted by klaron

The Lorcana line was pretty incredible for length.  Does not compare to the second year after MtG was released and they announced over the P.A. prior to the exhibit hall opening, "Please do not run to the Wizards of the Coast booth". 
People ran and it was utter chaos.

Posted by kevinrg

Signs were there.  This should have all been anticipated because none of it was a surprise.


Posted by mariakenneth

It's unfortunate to hear about your negative experience at Gen Con. The behavior you described is indeed disappointing and not reflective of the spirit of gaming events. Hopefully, such incidents can be addressed to ensure a more enjoyable and respectful environment for all attendees in the future. omegle

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