Has anybody gotten the post-con survey yet?
Posted by tdb

Seems like we usually get one by now.  Did I miss it?

Posted by lehane

I haven't seen it, but it sometimes gets put into my promotions folder which gets delete bombed every so often.

Posted by austicke


Posted by manuelshuler

When it will start?

Posted by narzat

Survey emails started coming out today, apparently.  Mine was sent to an old email address no longer associated with my Gen Con account.  Weird.

Posted by ascantla

Just got mine this morning. 

Posted by donnarunyon

It's common to expect a certain occurrence by this point, but it seems we may have missed it. Sometimes, our expectations are based on patterns or routines, and when they don't materialize as anticipated, it can be a bit puzzling. 

Posted by realisticregister

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Posted by lorimarcotte

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Posted by jacekautzer

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Posted by yukiolsa

It looks like we might have missed an expected event, even if it's typical by now. When things don't work out the way we expected 

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