Ridin' off into the sunset
Posted by roderick

Welp, it's about that time, saddle pals. 

This is my last day as your local sheriff; from here on the forums will be administered by the Social Media team of Gen Con itself.

I leave you with this: 
The Roy Rogers Show - Happy Trails To You (youtube.com)

Roderick Robertson

Posted by narzat

Best wishes to you!  Thanks for all you have done here on the boards.

Posted by aldctjoc

A shame, but Wodewick must have his fweedom. 

Thanks for all the work you've done.

Posted by austicke

Best wishes, Roderick.

Posted by dani kennedy

Thank you for all your help, Roderick!

-Dani Kennedy (Social Media Manager of Gen Con)

Posted by mikeboozer

Thanks for all your hard work Roderick!


Posted by quarex

Thanks for the hard work!  I am sure you will miss our lackadaisical Spam reports! 

Posted by piggystarfish

Thanks Roderick!

Posted by njseahawksfan

Thank you, Roderick!  

Posted by richardwheat

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