Games Library
Posted by armored badger

I have always wanted to play in the Game Library during Gen Con but never have. I checked out a game with friends, looked over the rules, and returned it but that's it. Our brains were fried from learning games all day, lol! Anyways, what is it like? I believe you pay for an 8 hr block to access the library. I think you have to keep the game in the room. Can you come and go during that 8 hr period? As an example, finish a game and go wander around after it for a couple hours and then return. Thanks for any help/advice you guys have. 

Posted by kevinrg

Yes the games need to stay in the room.  (Grab a game, check it out, play, check it back in)

Yes you can come and go during your timeslot.

Posted by armored badger

Thank you! My wife and I thought that was the case.

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