Cards Against Humanity Live
Posted by castigere

Hi all -- 

Back in 2019, we went to an event that we signed up for just on a lark.  It was called Cards Against Humanity Live and it was held Saturday night in an auditorium 6ish blocks from the ICC.  It turned out to be not just the highlight of the con for us but one of my favorite memories from all the years I've attended.  

Has anyone a) heard of this little gem, and b) heard if they are going to be returning this year (?)

It was put on by a comedy troupe, but I confess I don't recall their name.


Posted by lore seeker

After some google searches, I think the troupe is Late Night Writers Room.

Posted by castigere

Yes!!  That's it.  Thanks for the searches!  Sadly it seems like they're not doing it anymore (the cahgencon website is down) but maybe they will announce something a little later this spring.  Fingers crossed!  

FWIW it was amazing and if they run it again, do grab some tickets!  You won't regret it.

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