Wednesday Happenings
Posted by ja1214

Hello all,  for the first time this year, my friends and I will be getting in early in the day on Wednesday instead of late Wed night.  I have seen a few events listed in the catalog for Wed evening, but if memory serves, there are usually other things happening beyond the event catalog?  Can anyone tell me what is usually happening on Wed before Gen Con?  Thanks!

Posted by austicke

Hopefully lots of stuff, but I recommend the Stink, a social gathering of gamers. Hopefully it'll be in the event catalog soon.

I'll be there handing out free Fans of Gen Con Facebook group badge ribbons and dice.

Posted by aldctjoc

Even the things in the catalog seem fun. There are a couple of RPGs that did not list themselves as "Trade Day" events, so I put them on my wish list in the hope that I can get them. 

Since I'll be there early, why not, right? Have some gaming fun before Thursday. :D 

I don't think this will happen in the near or even far future - too many challenges, not the least of which are the vendor availability ones - but if Gen Con ever went to 5 days, I'd be all for it. 

To address the OP: I do believe there will be some Georgia Street stuff happening, but I don't know exactly what yet. I think there have been concerts and stuff besides the food trucks opening Wed. night in the past. That will be advertised if it's happening again. 

Posted by conspiracyofgamers

Come on by and check out the Good Ol' Dungeon Crawl event ( Wednesday evening.  There will be bonus gold and xp for use in the regular events during the convention.

Posted by ja1214

Thanks all. Asked this on the Fans of Gen Con facebook group also and got some additional answers (in case helpful for anyone else looking at this thread):

  • Dining at restaurants before "the hordes make it difficult"
  • Local Game Store - Good Games. This includes Pathfinder Society games going all day
  • -R]Gen Con Food & Beverage Swap
  • Auction / consignment store drop offs
  • and the Georgia Street stuff is the Gen Con Block Party (yet to be advertised this year), which includes the Sun King Beer Tapping Party, food trucks, and possibly a concert (occurred in 2022)

Posted by tommydragons

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Posted by dordle12

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