Return or Refund Tickets
Posted by nremy

My friend wants to return two tickets for a first round tournament event, even if there is no refund, so as to open a slot for another player. We have looked at the options to return ticket and it likes like its too late. Is that so?

If so, is there another option available?

Posted by narzat

If they are paper tickets, then they can be returned in person at Gen Con. 

Other option, less ideal, would be to use them as generics.

Can also show up to the event and turn them in so that the folks running the event get credit.  That helps them make sure they can get right-sized events and space approved next year.

Posted by deadsaidfred

In the same boat.  I got stuck at work with issues and can't attend.  I'd like to return/donate my Orc Stomp 5k entry.  Any advice for folks who aren't able to attend - am I just outta luck?


Posted by nremy

I found out friend's and my issue can be handled in person at the con. In your case I can only think to post online on various FB groups, forums, etc. and see if someone wants the ticket and maybe work out a digital cash exchange and fast ship the pass to them.

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