I stopped by what I thought was Pulse Coffee off of Georgia St. and Capitol, right inside the Pan Am building. Turns out it's now the Coffee Den. It's right in the old spot formerly occupied by Bee Coffee.

Also spoke with the happy, excited employee who was looking forward to the influx of Gen Con attendees. Said employee (why didn't I remember to ask her name??!!) said she was also a gamer and anime cosplayer, but simply couldn't get out to the con this year (working plus small child). She also let me know they were doing a booth outside with foodstuffs *and* the regular coffee service inside their spot. Also, her boss was planning on having that booth open round-the-clock for Gen Con so that late night snackers could get some food and drink. I don't know if that'll really happy, but she said that was her boss's intent. 

Anyway, for those who were looking for a coffee spot close to the ICC that's not another Starbucks, there's the Coffee Den in the Pan Am Tower, right next to Georgia Street. Literally right across the street from the convention Center.