Anything going on Sunday night?
Posted by stravask

Kinda stuck in town for a bit longer, just wondering if anyone knows local places I should hit up if I'm looking to relax with other Gen Con-ers who aren't going home quite yet

My first Gen Con so I wasn't sure if there's some go-to after-con bars or something 

Posted by quarex

Not what you are looking for specifically, and uh, I think it is the wrong Sunday when I am answering this, but things are so hopping still Sunday night downtown that Old Spaghetti Factory cancelled our group's reservation at 6 because there were evidently so many people still hanging out there indefinitely 

Posted by spinurethra

I often go to Barcade and Dave & Buster's. They are great places.

eggy car

Posted by mikob

what's news? Start drift boss unblocked customize your car by choosing different colors and patterns.

Posted by ollliver

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