Posted by braewe

Catalyst had a couple GM's drop out. If anyone is interested in earning a badge and/or hotel room Ithey have space in a downtown room) and badges to allocate still and are interested in running Shadowrun, Valiant, Cosmic Patrol and some of their other offerings, shoot an email to Ray : rigel at and he will forward you to the relevant department. 

Posted by braewe

As an incentive, if you run enough to earn the hotel room they hand out some pretty awesome swag too.

Posted by lore seeker

Uh oh. What does this mean for SR Missions? Are any events at risk of cancellation due to this?

Posted by braewe

No. It just means that if they are unable to get more gms then the floating gm for that time slot won't be available for walk up games. But Ray can be pretty persuasive and I've never seen them unable to get gms. Just figured I'd cross post here should anyone want to help out. Run just two games for a tshirt, four for a badge and tshirt. Not bad really considering badges now are $120.

Posted by microwench

Pardon my cross-post, but do they still need folks for mini repair in the Battletech area?  I am interested/willing to do pretty much anything but GM (no one wants that, i love SR but have no GM experience!) So runner in SR room, mini repair (i do have experience with that), whatever really. 

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