Sorry for the spam
Posted by marimaccadmin

Sorry about the spam folks, while I've deleted the posts and banned the user, the threads do remain.  As there are thousands of them I've asked tech if they could remove those for me, so it might be a little while before they are removed.  I'd suggest you just don't use the "all unread" button for a little while, just go into the forum you want to read.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by andrewj.rager

FYI to users. You can click "All Unread", then "Mark All Unread" & the spam posts go away.

Thank you for taking care of that Marian!

Posted by quarex

...There is an "All Unread" button!?  The Spammer DID do something useful!

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