Important times and dates
Posted by djc664

When googling GenCon Hours, I get this page:

This looks like this in google

This page of information appears to be leftover from 2017, and is not available through the current menu system.

That said, this page and it's layout is extremely clear and much easier to find the data on it than my experience in your current website. Even if the information is available elsewhere, finding it all is way more difficult than it needs to be and this approach is much preferred.

Can you please just update this information on the page linked above and add that page to the current site appropriately?

Thank you!

Posted by djc664

Well, you updated google, so someone read this.

Please(!!) update the existing page with the concise dates / time breakdown as the "Other Onsite Show Hours" section has in the page near the bottom, as example.

The overall accessibility and UX of this website is... challenging. :(

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