I somehow triple posted in a thread. Requesting deletion of the duplicate posts.
Posted by aldctjoc

Hi all, are you able to fix an accidental multi-post?

In this thread:


... posts #28 and 29 were accidental duplicates of post #27. I don't understand how I did it when I was editing a mistake, but I did it. 

Can those extra posts (#28 and #29) be deleted? I already removed the content, but the empty-ish posts are still there. 

Thank you.

Posted by roderick

Nope; if we delete it, it just shows up as: "[This post has been deleted]". We can't remove the posts from the database. (We can remove entire threads, just not individual posts)

Roderick Robertson
Forum Coordinator 
Gen Con, LLC. 


Posted by aldctjoc

Oh, ok. Got it. Well, scrap the request then.

And thanks for the info! Much appreciated. 

Posted by roderick

No Problem!

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