Glitch with selecting shipping vs will call?
Posted by narzat

Minor thing, but my default shipping method somehow got changed to snail mail vs will call (even though as a VIG, I've been doing will call for several years.)  And then when I tried twice to change the shipping method during checkout, the system switched it back to snail mail.  I finally went to my packets and changed the default there once I realized that it had been switched, which fixed everything and refunded the shipping that had been added to my badge order.  So all is well in the end, but seems weird that a choice is presented during checkout if it will not override the default.  

Posted by austicke

I had a similar problem when checking out, but I assumed it was related to the load the website was bearing at noon yesterday. After a couple attempts, I was able to get Will Call to stick.

Posted by aldctjoc

Oh, I'm glad I read this. I, too, had it default to "Shipped". Had to change it. 

Yeah, this was weird. I specifically remember changing it during checkout. 

Posted by lilycollins

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Gen Con badge testing process. It's certainly frustrating when a previously saved preference isn't applied, especially during a process like ordering a badge. 

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