Is there a way to see all the latest posts in all forums at once?
Posted by dragongears

With the old forums I could see all the most recent posts in every forum in reverse chronological order in one place. Is there a way to do that with the new forums? Thanks.

Posted by braewe

I want that too! I lived for that list of unread posts. ESPECIALLY during the busy part of the year. Can't seem to locate such a command here yet. Share if we have it?

Posted by sherilyn

Yes, that was always the feature I used to keep things managed. If love to see that view created again. 

Posted by nellybelle

Uuuuhhhh, maybe there should be some sort of feedback forum or something. I guess tech support is the best place. I also agree that seeing my most recent posts would be fab. 

Posted by marimaccadmin

Yes, it is on the dev list.

Posted by zekester

Thanks, marimaccadmin. I also miss the Mark All Read / Show Unread feature.

Posted by nialith zekester

zekester wrote:
Thanks, marimaccadmin. I also miss the Mark All Read / Show Unread feature.

While you can't see ALL unread posts, you do have the ability to show unread posts within each forum topic. Not nearly as ideal as the old way but a workaround until they implement an overall search. 

Each thread has an indicator on the very left side which looks like either an open or closed envelope. If it's 'open', it means there are no new messages. Now, if you go to the top of that forum, you will see the same mail icon in the gray bar. Click on that and it gives you the ability to sort by 'All messages, unread and read' or 'Unread messages only'. Personally, I filter that way and then click on 'Last post', then scroll up till I see messages I've read before. 

Again, not anywhere near as convenient as the old way but maybe that will help some people. 

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