Legibility Issues
Posted by sockarang

I was wondering if/when there will be an option to change the color scheme/template of the forums.

I am having a hard time differentiating usernames from time stamps, etc. Text-wise, it seems to all be blending together. Maybe also integrate a higher color-contrast option? I am having to strain my eyes in order to read things and it's giving me a serious headache.

Unfortunately, until there is a way to fix this, I will have to now avoid the forums as much as possible (not something I want to do at all).

Thank you,

Posted by sockarang

P.S. - I miss the old avatars and badges - it really helped me distinguish one person from another. Now everyone just seems stripped of individuality and very robotic/emotionless.

Posted by marimaccadmin

We will have avatars eventually.  I will ask about different color schemes.

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