'subscribed threads'??
Posted by garhkal

In the old forums we had the option to receive emails or NOT from threads we had replied to..  Currently i don't see that option with this newer forum. So how do you correct that?

Posted by jerrytel

If you are logged in, I believe it is the star symbol next to the topic? Or in the thread, the symbol above to the left.

Posted by marimaccadmin

Yes, it's that star symbol thingie.

Posted by parody

FWIW, if you start a thread, you'll be subscribed automatically.  Hopefully someday we'll have a user option to choose whether we want to be subscribed when we start a thread and/or when we post to one.  (I don't want to be subscribed, so I made sure I came back and turned it off.)

Posted by garhkal

Thanks..  I realised that, just after i got on tonight..

Posted by dballing

There used to be an option in the old system to subscribe to a *forum*, so if there were new posts in an otherwise-often-idle forum, you could get notified.

Any chance of that coming back?

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