I know that housing gets cancelled and more opens up...
Posted by kjelstad

but what about companion badges?  probably not likely.  I saw the option was still there and figured they were availible.  Just wondering if I should have any hope.  I thought were were guaranteed one with a max of three on first come basis but see I was incorrect. 

Bonus Question:  Did marimacc's head almost explode when she read the topic?

Posted by hawkeye

The change to one companion per VIG is next year. As to weather or not they will allow more after that is yet to be announced.

Posted by kjelstad

That was what I read, Fred.  Thanks for the info!  Looks like I am going solo this year.

Posted by kjelstad

This guy just spammed every thread I am subsrcibed to.  

Posted by marimaccadmin

Yes I know, I'm working on it, they have to be deleted by hand.  Adding a post behind the spam, FYI, doesn't help me find the spam posts either.

Posted by ephraim

I had a dream last night that I found a hotel reservation downtown....it was a pretty bad feeling when I woke up though.

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