Sailor Moon Tabletop RPG
Posted by sailorhope

Hello everyone!

I wanted to write and see if there are any people who would be interested in playing the old Sailor Moon Style TableTop RPG. It runs semi similarly to DnD and can be a lot of fun! 

I would be making characters for all the scouts and Tuxedo mask ahead of time to save some time so we could just into the game. 

I also would be more than willing to run multiple sessions of the same game or multiple games provided there are players interested. 

If you are interested please comment and I will chat with you and we will make this happen! 

Posted by mercy0403

I tried to run this as a bit of a fun game for some friends.  I used the rules system for the game itself and found it ... clunky.  That said, i would be interested to see how it was really run and played. :)

Posted by littleredlost

I know myself and one of my friends would be in!

Posted by fancylad

Definitely interested. 

Posted by darksummerswind

Interested, though it depends when we play.

Posted by tjh8681

Any more information on this? I am all about trying new games. 

Posted by bnbbizcorp

LoL, never played it but it sounds awesome.  Did you end up getting a slot?

Posted by schra1cm

If this becomes an event and I can fit it into my schedule, I am interested.

Posted by remnant

Interesting System played on Gamer's Plane play by post style.  Good luck on the vent if you run it, fun system.

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