New event alerts?
Posted by eugene

Hi there,

Does anyone know of a way to get alerts when new events are posted? Maybe an RSS feed or something?


Posted by papalorax

note "added on or after" field

Posted by lore seeker

Wow, thanks for the link! That's actually better than either of GenCon's in-house search engines.

Posted by draconastar

If you click on "Changes" at the top, it shows a list of 6-hour increment changes to the event list; the green number is the number of events added, red the number of events removed, and yellow the number of tickets for existing events that have been returned to the system. 

I find that the easiest to use.  Not only does it let you know if an event has been added, but gives you the chance to catch tickets to an event that was previously sold out, assuming that the original purchaser has returned them.

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