Looking for a fun Larp Saturday?
Posted by eldrad12000

Come and play "Back to the Den of the Destroyer" A fun Larp run by a local gaming group. I played last year and had an amazing time. The story was super fun and the plots given to characters were pretty involved but not overly difficult. The production values are higher then some of the main larps run during Gencon. They had props and all kinds of things that helped me get immersed in the setting.

Really fun GM's and as I said the rules were rather fun and not overly complicated.
Game runs 3pm to 9pm Sat.


Posted by abazzu

I agree with this post----I played as many LRPG as I could last year, and this one stood out WAY ahead of all the others.  A lot of work was put into the game unlike the other ones I attended.  The two GMs worked with the players, understood how to move the story and made it fun for as many people as they could, while adjusting for the issues like missing players, etc.  I can't play due to schedule issue, but I would have signed up in a heartbeat.  It was games like this that got me charged up about LRPG!

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