Author signings
Posted by iolaus13

Anyone know if there is a list of times that the authors in the Writers' Symposium will be doing signings in the exhibit hall?  Last year I had to get an event ticket for Terry Brooks.  I know he was the guest of honor last year, and Robin Hobb has signing events this year, but what about the others on the list.  It would be nice to get a few things signed by Elaine Cunningham, James Lowder, or Richard Lee Byers.

Posted by octaviancmb

Most authors will be at their booths and are generally excited to meet fans and sign books.

Some authors are too popular, so they'll set up events and you can get tickets. I believe you can get tickets to Robin Hobb and Patrick Rothfuss this year. Just search events for your favorite author's name; if they have a signing event, you can find it there!

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