Freemason Gamer Meetup - Wednesday!
Posted by varelseshrike

Hey Fellow Freemasons! There is a Freemason meetup on Wednesday from 3PM - 6PM EDT at the Scottish Rite Valley of Indianapolis. It is about 6 blocks north and 1 east of the convention center. All Masons are welcome. You do not need to be in the Scottish Rite.

We will be playing game, enjoying fraternity and taking tours of the largest Scottish Rite building in the United States. This is sponsored by Saltire Games, the local Gencon sponsor. 

All attendees will receive a exclusive ribbon for the badges! Masons love swag. 

650 N. Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Spread the Word! 

Posted by otomo

Have fun. This is something I'd join for sure but I get in close to midnight. :)

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