Barroom Brawl at Crying King
Posted by cbudoris

Hope to see this event back this year.  For some reason it wasn't last year, but the two years before that had a great time playing.  GM was top notch and all the players had a good time. 

Posted by cbudoris

these forums are as dead as fried chicken...

Posted by parody

Umm...I'm glad that back in 2014 you enjoyed an event I hadn't heard of before and will likely never play?

I might have given folks more than a day to respond, though.  It's not a super busy time even if the forums hadn't changed over to a new setup. :(

Posted by jaywhyewe

Okay. I'll bite... Can you describe the event and why you liked it?

Perhaps the organizers came back with a new game last year and it was titled differently? If you have their names or contact info, you could find out if they are coming back in 2016.

I'd be interested in learning more about the game and the people who ran it. And possibly signing up for a similar event if it's available this year. 

Posted by tdb

Here you go!

Looks like there weren't any games under that system last year.

Posted by cbudoris

lol, I didn't post the 2nd time out of impatience, it was just a general observation (and I had a little downtime at work). 

Actually I was hoping the GM would read this and either confirm he was coming or be so inspired to, that someone took the time to ask.  Its possible that he simply didn't get a room last year and didn't attend GC (not sure if he would have qualified for a GM room).

Here's the official writeup from a few years ago:

"The Crying King has a liberal weapons policy, ale, dark corners, barmaids. Add trouble from every faction and mix: POWDER KEG! Most objectives and crushed skulls wins! Add warriors, thieves, mages, assassins, etc, who all have secret agendas. When the trouble starts, who is friend or foe? Start with 3 patrons. Complete objectives, crush skulls, and gain Renown! Lose, and end up face down in a ditch with just a hangover or worse for company. The player with the most Renown at the end wins. Choose your miniatures, grab character sheets, and duke it out! The system is fast, simple and most important - fun! Expect to get right into the game and start the chaos that inevitably unfolds. We play on a model of the bar and surrounding streets, however, the action of the hand painted miniatures is contained, mostly, in the walls and balconies of the bar. Ale, gold, body counts: what we call a good time!"

Like it says, its all set in a medieval fantasy bar.  Each player has a faction with 3 miniatures, each which has slightly different powers.  The factions all have different objectives which are worth big points if you accomplish, but then there's common objectives anyone can do (kiss a barmaid, order a round).  One of mine was to start a fire in the bar, then get extra points anytime players take damage.  Others are to kill other PC mages, pickpocket another player, kill the bar's ogre bouncers...can't remember them all, but you get the point. 

Posted by parody

The GM included an email with their event info (accessible from the link that tdb posted), so you could try emailing him to ask if he's running this year.  I've had good luck in the past emailing other GMs before the convention, and the vast majority of attendees don't read the forums at all.

Posted by derekguder

Yeah, I would email the GM. No matter how hoppin' or not the forums might be, I would not assume any given individual will see any given thread.

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