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Posted by suburbaknght

We're thrilled to announce that all of Dancing and Dragons' events have been placed for Gen Con! We're hosting twelve dance classes in eight different styles, including our new hustle class. We're offering additional sessions of our most popular dances, and bringing back our experienced beginner swing class. But that's not all, there's more! We're pleased to announce the return of Katherine's ballroom hairstyling class, our history of ballroom seminar, and (drumroll please)... our very first dance party!

This year will be the first year where we not only teach Gen Con to dance but give them a chance to come dancing with us. This will be a dance party Saturday night with our teachers on hand to answer your questions and help with any trouble spots. It's been a request for a number of years and we're pleased to finally debut this new addition to our program! Our full schedule follows:

9:00 AM - Invitation to the Ball (seminar)
11:00 AM - Waltz
12:00 PM - Viennese Waltz
1:00 PM - Quickstep

6:00 PM - Tango
7:00 PM - Salsa

11:00 AM - Tango
12:00 PM - Foxtrot
1:00 PM - Hustle

6:00 PM - Waltz
7:00 PM - Swing 1

11:00 AM - Swing 1
12:00 PM - Swing 2

6:00 PM - Practice Party (2 hours)

Posted by marcraxus

As an avid dancer and gamer, this is interesting on so many levels. Good luck!

Posted by suburbaknght

Thank you!  We've been quite popular over the past few years.  I hope you'll join us.  Feel free to contact me at alex AT DancingAndDragons DOT com if you have any questions.

Posted by brotherbock

I signed up for a Hustle class once with a guy on the street corner...he just took my money and never showed up :(

Posted by suburbaknght

Don't worry; I'm 80% certain that's a different guy ; )

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