Geek Chic XP in 2016?
Posted by jaywhyewe

Does anyone know if Geek Chic XP is still active and providing event planning? Last year, I attended the pre-con event at the Indianapolis Zoo and was looking for Geek Chic XP events this year. I haven't been able to find any. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

Posted by rutherfordr

Looks like everything related to Geek Chic XP is gone.

The web site is dead, their kickstarter was cancelled on September 16th last year, and the twitter account hasn't been active since then, either.

It was an intriguing idea, though, to have an exclusive convention within GenCon.

Posted by jaywhyewe

Thanks for the information. I hope some of the other organizations that co-sponsored some events with Geek Chic XP will still put on some social events. (fingers crossed)

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