Great job guys
Posted by noone

great job to the events staff.  Dereck and marinas and everyone else good job as unusual.  I seen some of the post and updates taking place around 2am.  So thanks for all the long nights to get the event list out.  On a side note any isea when highprogramer will get his list up?  The new format is nice, tons better than the raw excel file.  But I still like high programmers format a little better.

Posted by derekguder

We do what we can :)

The event team is Jeannette, Marian, and myself - we all put in a ton of work trying to get as much into the initial schedule as we could.

And the best way to show appreciation for our hard work is to spread the word far & wide: there are more events coming, make sure to check back semi-regularly, etc. etc. etc.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by vinnay

Wow! 12K+ events already listed?  Outstanding!

Posted by chaos

High programmer will get his list up nowish.

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