No Killer Breakfast?
Posted by helenbb

One of the events we really enjoyed last year was Killer Breakfast. I can't find it this year. Please say it hasn't been canceled! I'm hoping that I'm just dense and can't find it... 

Posted by armadilloal

Sadly, Tracy Hickman is unable to attend Gen Con this year, so it appears Killer Breakfast is off the table.

I have attended every Gencon Convention for over thirty years. I regret to announce that I will not be able to attend the GENCON convention this year for the first time in three decades. My work schedule simply will not permit it.

Posted by helenbb

Thanks for letting me know. That's very sad to hear, but I look forward to seeing him next year.

Posted by magdalenebloom

That is the first event I look for and Tracy is the first person I go to see in the exhibit hall every year.  He shall be greatly missed. 

Posted by hauntedcity

A few years back, we had what my wife called our "Stalking the Hickmans Gen Con".  We attended both Killer Breakfasts, his XDM seminar, the Pick-a-Path Musical, and attended the Dragon's Bard lunch.  

Tracy and his family will be greatly missed this year!

Posted by brotherbock

Let's not lose track of the silver lining, that some of us might be able to pass a legend in the consecutive Gencons attended category :) 

But seriously, that's mildly sad news. 

Posted by basilisk76

This must have been such a difficult decision for you and I am so sad to hear you won't be coming this year.  Take care of you both. 

Posted by cemmyberry

What sad news. They will sure be missed.

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