Is it me?
Posted by bhawthorne

This will be my 7th Gen Con.  Every Year I have a hard time choosing which events to try and which ones to drop.  This year I feel like I can only find one or two events I want to put on my schedule this year.  Any suggestions would be helpful.   

Posted by watchdog

What events have you played and enjoyed in the past?

If you're having trouble filling your schedule, you could always...well, not fill your schedule.  Enjoy the freedom to wander the convention, the exhibit hall, the seminars. People watch, take pictures, join a pick-up game.


Posted by townsean

This is my 5th year returning.  I find after each passing year I want to schedule fewer events. I suggest playing something you wouldn't try at home.  That's usually what I go for these days. 

Posted by lilyjade

Also, there are events that have not been released as of yet so who knows what will show up over time. Keep an eye out for new additions!

Posted by jburke98

Don't forget open gaming in the Gen Con Games Library! My friends generally do one or two scheduled events, and then buy tickets for the library the rest of the time.

Posted by bhawthorne

Yea I only tend to sign up for one event a day and try to schedule them after the hall closes.  Every year try a new game last year was artemis not worth the $40 in my opinion.  trying to find something to put in just not seeing anything interesting. Was going to do Hickman breakfast but of course this is the first year he can't make it.

Posted by helenbb

It doesn't take much to fill the schedule. We want to do some RPGs (Shadowrun, Dr. Who, Titansgrave, Demon Hunters) and they tend to be 4 hour blocks. NASCRAG is a 4 hour block, twice if you make the finals. DH wants to do some LARPS that are all 4-6 hour blocks each. Gamers: Live is a must do for us and they have 2 events this year, each 2 hours. A True Dungeon run takes 3 hours (even though they're only listed as 2 hours). I'm also looking at some miniature painting workshops this year, which are 2 hours each.

2 or 3 events a day starts to really add up!

Posted by boc_mage

Do you have a game system or genre you particularly enjoy? 
One of the best ways to enjoy a con personally is to volunteer for somebody/something. Lots of organizations from Gencon itself on down always looking for help. I generally do part time. Gives me something to focus on about during the con while still having plenty of time for other events/rambling, you usually get cost of badge plus something extra depending on the organization. I enjoy con and being a volunteer lets help others have a good con. 

Posted by xanathon

I would wait as the event schedule is not complete as of yet.  There will be many more events listed as companies are getting their events approved because they dropped the ball to get them in on time.

This will be my 13th GenCon overall.  There are always events that are added late that I find I drop events in order to make room.  It's difficult, but easily managed.

Posted by craftyshafty townsean

townsean wrote:
This is my 5th year returning.  I find after each passing year I want to schedule fewer events. I suggest playing something you wouldn't try at home.  That's usually what I go for these days. 

Same with us (well, twelfth year or something, but whatever). We used to book everything up, now we mostly wander into demo games that look interesting or the occasional event that we just can't do at home. 

Posted by yog-sothoth in jersey

I always try something new.  This year I'm going to try a few miniatures events and see what happens! 

I'm also going to see if I can get into the Paranoia RPG events - I hear they are fun. 

Posted by adcjones

Yes, time is our enemy.

Definitely play something you don't or can't play at home.  

Posted by dreamchipper

I'm finding the initial schedule very thin this year. I know events will get added and its making my initial wish list pretty easy to lock in.

Posted by wjmacguffin

I seriously want to chime in with several people above and recommend you try new games. I know, I know. You didn't say that you won't do that. But there are sooooo many cool games out there! Look for games you've never played before, and try those. 

Yes, it's a crap shoot. If I had a time machine, I'd stop me from registering to play Agon or Dying Earth. But by experimenting at GenCon, I've managed to find Unknown Armies, Deadlands, Burning Empires, Dresden Files, Eclipse Phase, and who knows what else. And if all else fails, go to indie Games on Demand or the Playtest Hall and roll the dice (literally and figuratively).

Posted by monkeyknifefight

I'm having trouble too. Last time I attended in 2013 there were way too many events I want to sign up for. This year I've found two so far. I pretty much only try new games, but those are very thin this year at least as far as scheduled events go.

Posted by lilyjade

I'm also having a bit of trouble this year finding stuff that I just HAVE to do this year. Maybe it's because the newness has worn off compared to last year and it's not so overwhelming. It also feels like there aren't as much on the initial list as last year, but I may just be crazy (though there was quite a bit missing and they are still missing the Writer's Symposium stuff).

I am also nervous about trying new games and events because I don't want to be the one person who doesn't know what's going on. Social anxiety is a pain in the behind at times like this!

Posted by weeble1000

It's the quirky, hard to find events that really are the best. Or... at least the most EXCITING!

If you are looking for something new this year, something different, something... unforgettable, take a look at our events.

These ones, in this link, for those of you who can't see red.

We at Mindworm games are releasing our very first, very best, and most highly acclaimed game at Gen Con this year, and we have prepared a special series of events to launch this sucker with extreme gaming prejudice!

Exiles, that's the game, is a wonderfully raunchy, fast paced Wild West minis game. BUT WAIT! If you're thinking 'I don't do minis games', Exiles ain't your normal minis game.

Exiles is like a minis game banged an RPG and they left the baby outside to die. We took the story, dysfunctional teamwork, and crazy loot you love in an RPG and crammed it down into the fast, frenetic play style of a skirmish wargame.

Our special Gen Con campaign, Ticking Around, takes you through a story arc that unfolds across three Events with a total of seven individual games. We are running these Events back to back every day of the con from 10AM to 7PM. You can play a character through the whole campaign, picking up loot and exp along the way.

Because we've broken the campaign up into three events, you can play the whole thing in one marathon session of Exiles awesomeness, or break it up across the whole convention.

Players will not only get a unique opportunity to be the very first actual Exiles players, but you'll also walk away with some exclusive loot and a few surprises totally not intended to get you to come by our Exhibit Hall booth ;).

I love Exiles, and I'm totally unbiased, so you should believe everything I say about it.

We will be slathering our Facebook page with updates about the Gen Con campaign, which you can check out.

We also have the obligatory Twitter feed and Instagrams.


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