Place in line
Posted by truelink

My place in line this year was 3, which is actually worse than last year. Ha!

What was your place in line?

Posted by mrshiny

I started as 5125 but then dropped to 5084 where I am holding.

Tell me again why this can't be automated so we don't have to hit the button at 12 edt?

Posted by daveculp

1828 which is my worst start ever :(

Posted by aethel

I want to know what state truelink lives in, what kind of computer and browser they have, and what outer gods they make sacrifices to. :)

Posted by truelink

Bliss and Ohio, a six year old custom built computer running Google Chrome, and according to one character sheet: Azuth.

Posted by mrshiny

So iPad (Chrome) only updated number a few times, but then when I viewed my wish list in Chrome on iPhone, it updated until it processed (iPad still spinning on 5084).

Took about 1:22 all told. 


Posted by parody

The place-in-queue number gets stuck all the time.  I refresh the page to know where I am.

Posted by dblade

Disaster in the making. Friend started around 1000 and had gotten everything on the wishlist except one we missed. Submitted the wish list a second time with the forgotten item before checking out what was in his cart. Now we have to wait for that wish list to process before checking out, potentially losing everything we already have because of the 2 hour expiration. Good thing to know! Keeping my fingers crossed that we beat the timer.

Posted by truelink

As long as you remain active on the site, you shouldn't lose what is in your cart. :)

Posted by father bloodlust

517 for me. Got everything I wanted, though the Eclipse Phase game was a close call (only 2 tickets left by the time I got to the checkout).

Posted by marimaccadmin

Yup, you can be in the wish list queue, just refresh your page and the two hour timer resets.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by n0id

I clicked right when the button went green at 12 #4947.  Missed my #1 wish list event :(  boo.

Posted by lanefan

3800-and-something, lost my first three events (the rest were all SEM or ENT events so not much competition there).  Took about an hour to process.

Very discouraging watching events go grey while your queue spot slowly ticks down...

Posted by octaviancmb

You may have some luck if you keep trying/watching. I didn't get my #1 priority until my 3rd time through the list.

Posted by jedijawa74

156 in line.  I got all but one of my events.

Posted by aehrlon

Was online and ready to pounce when the timer hit zero... got and error, ended up having to refresh... 4600 some down the list and only got Half of the events I wanted.  Sux

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