Chicago Style Pizza coming to Downtown
Posted by genconkeeper

Great news!!!!

Giordano's opening Downtown, South of Chicago hits Greenwood
 Liz Biro, [email protected] 3:21 p.m. EDT May 16, 2016
Which one makes the better deep-dish pizza? There's only one way to find out
Ask Chicago-style pizza lovers who makes Indy’s best deep-dish pie and you’ll get a ton of votes for Chi-Town native Giordano’s and another ton for Indy’s own South of Chicago.When Giordano’s made its Indy debut in January 2015 on the Northside, fans crushed the restaurant. Three-hour wait times ensued. The pizzeria expects equal excitement when Giordano’s Downtown opens May 17 at 43 N. Illinois St., on the first floor of the Illinois Building, at the Market Street intersection.Set aside plenty of time for the likely wait, and not just in line. Deep-dish pizzas take 45 minutes to an hour to cook just about anywhere you get them.Soft openings are scheduled to begin May 17 at Giordano's Downtown. Be forewarned: If you go, you're likely to experience a long wait.

Posted by choriqueso

They do have great pizza. Definitely plan on getting a place in line and coming back a few hours later. It's worth it though!

Posted by genconkeeper

If I am not mistaken there used to be one right by the entrance of the Mall in Milwaukee. Great Pizza and right by a couple of Hotels too. :)

Posted by aldctjoc

I've had Giodano's and Uno's up in Chicago. To be honest, I prefer Uno's, but there isn't one inside I-465 in Indy, so it's a long trip from the convention center. It'll be nice to see at least one Chicago-style pizzaria within walking distance, especially since most places in Indy are standard types of pizza.

Not to say that they're bad. On the contrary, I've been recommending Bazbeaux's to everybody I can. But I really dig Chicago-style, so having an outlet for a fix is really appreciated. 

Posted by nikki

They have amazing pizza!  I am so excited about this news.

Randu, I have to say, I'm really enjoying you keeping us all in the know things like this.  Thank you!

Posted by brotherbock

I like good deep dish, but this sounds like better news for those in town outside of Gencon than for during the con. I'm trying to imagine when I'd have the time for that outside of Wed and sun. Still, more options is better. :) 

Posted by melkor

As a Chicagoan I'd say, they are a decent pizza, but their pasta a pretty darn good. Lou Malnotti's for the best Chicago chain Pizza. The trick may be to order way ahead and pick it up.

Posted by aldctjoc

Malnotti's, yes! I loved that place when I visited. For me, in no particular order, it's Malnotti's, Uno's, and Gino's. I've been told and have seen on some Food Network shows that there are other spots around Chicago to check out, but those three I've personally been to and have enjoyed immensely. 

Posted by crusader77

OMG!!! I Absolutely love Giordanos Pizza. My Brother used to live in Chicago and I made it tradition to go there every single time. I cannot wait to have it again

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