Hotel Cost Comparison
Posted by mrshiny

While hotel costs went up again this year, the increase not nearly as bad as last year.  Having trouble posting a table, but the highest increase was:
JW Marriott Indianapolis 2016: $228 incr: 4.59% 2015: $218 incr: 2.83% 2014: $212 incr: 3.92% 2013: $204

And lowest was Staybridge (after a massive increase last year):
Staybridge Suites Indianapolis City Centre 2016: $198 incr: 1.02% 2015: $196 incr: 8.89% 2014: $180 incr: 2.86% 2013: $175

median increase was 2.4%

highest increase since 2013 is Staybridge Suites (was $189, now $206) and the lowest is Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites City Center (was $175, now $188)

Posted by garhkal

And what was their justification this year for yet ANOTHER price hike?

Posted by suburbaknght

Supply and demand.

Posted by armadilloal

Attendance went up, what, 8.5% last year?  That means 8.5% more people looking for the same number of rooms.

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